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You can't predict when mother nature is going to rage and send flood waters raging into your home. Because you like to be prepared, you should explore your flood insurance options with our team. Discover all that can be protected:

• Structures

• Cabinets

• Furniture

Trusted restoration companies:

Over 55 years of experience

Our dedicated staff is ready to help you find the perfect insurance for your needs.

Flood insurance Flood insurance Flood insurance Flood insurance Flood insurance

Affordable rates

Friendly services

Dedicated to your needs

Get started with your restorations by contacting one of these experienced companies:


• Emergency restoration: 248-299-4500

• Paul Davis Restoration:  855-680-6549

• Rainbow International: 800-636-9584

• Service Master Restoration:  800-737-7663

• Blue Water Cleaning Restoration:  800-517-4600

• Interstate Construction: 866-463-7981

• Adams Complete Cleaning:  888-436-2260

• St. Clair County Sweeny Restoration:  810-987-4709

• Electric appliances

• Furnace

• Attached structures